Our corporate slogan Enabling Business Flow reflects our commitment to provide a quality and stable solution to customers so that it helps our customers to do their business smoothly. We optimize your business processes to enable your business to its full potential.

Bohniman gives emphasis to develop softwares along with smooth implementation and developing a long term relationship. Bohniman's philosophy is to care one customer at a time and provide personal attention to each of your special business requirements.

Bohniman delivers the best value for your money. We never compromise on quality while working at a optimum cost. We keep the overheads low and share the cost benefit to our customers. We would be more than happy to provide you with a Return on Investment Analysis (ROI) for your project.

When you choose Bohniman, not only you choose a superior vendor but also your long term technology solutions partner.


LEGACY DATA : To bring the legacy data into digital form lies the secret of many project success. Bohniman's Legacy data handling team does it relentlessly to achieve this objective.

DATA SURVEY : Data survey work and digitizing data requires strategic approach. At Bohniman we take it up each case with unique strategy, be it large scaling of manpower or a complete new approach.

DATA MIGRATION : Bringing data from different platforms to one single database within a stipulated time requires Strategy, Scalable Manpower, Planning and Coordination. Bohniman has specialsed it and mastered this over a period of time.

DATA ANALYTICS : Data Analytics is a management consultancy which is committed to optimising the exploitation of information in organisations. Our consultants improve organisations' capacity to collect, store, extract, cleanse, transform, aggregate and analyse data and, most importantly, convert that analysis into valuecreating action. Although operating globally we use modern telecommunications to minimise costs to clients.

DATA ARCHITECTURE : At Bohniman we think end 2 end while handling a project. It is a natural evolution from Data Analyst and Database Designer which need to integrate data from different unrelated Data Sources. We plan and prepare the blue print for a successful project outcome and return on investment.


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Delivering Competitive Solutions

SCRUM & AGILE PROJECT MANAGEMENT : Bohniman offers standalone Scrum project management services and uses this methodology to run its development projects. Scrum is an agile project management methodology that sets out to minimise 'waste' or unnecessary work. This ensures we do not spend time and effort writing code that you do not want.

WE ARE YOUR TRUSTED ADVISORS : Your organisation needs to be agile and rapidly embrace change, delivering new business concepts quickly, economically and ahead of the competition. Our unique approach means we have externally-audited processes that focus on delivering quality. Our developers are highly qualified and active in many of the world's most prestigious open source projects.

OUR OTHER PROFESSIONAL SERVICES : In addition to our software development services, Bohniman expertise allows us to offer a set of comprehensive professional services:

DEVELOPER SUPPORT : Your developers are under intense pressure to deliver first rate projects. Our Legendary Support is the first support facility designed specifically for active developers, saving time, resolving challenges faster and ensuring that your developers produce great code

CONUSLTING SERVICES : We deliver state of the art expertise and apply this to your development project. You benefit from our extensive knowledge of Java EE and many other technologies ensuring your project moves quickly towards a working version We offer support throughout the development lifecycle - from blue-sky thinking and architectural design, through to the detail of the actual code development, testing and deployment

TRAINING SERVICES : Our training delivery fills the skills gap in your teams. Designed with you, we use your project's domain as the base for delivering the most applicable knowledge, aiding comprehension and allowing for a focus on key technical areas that are critical to the project's success.

PLATFORM REVIEW : If you are starting a new project or thinking about updating your systems platform, talk to us. We can look at what you're trying to achieve and suggest the best technology to ensure that your platform is flexible and robust.


CONNECTING LAST MILE BENEFICIARIES : Bohniman Engineers are developing applications for Hand held Devices based on Embedded Systems and Android Platforms for use by the last mile beneficiaries whether it is for e-governance solutions or medical devices.

Innovative System Integration, Project Execution, Data Porting and Hand Holding

As experts in Information Technology, we partner with a number of specialist boutique technology companies to offer our clients unrivalled professional service and unique software project delivery. We consider delivering an application is just a part of the job. Porting data and hand holding the users till its self sufficiency requires a long term approach, sentiment and commitment to the market.


We understand that every IT need of an organization is not planned well in advance and powered with delivery ready people. Our BRITAT 24x7 is an innovation with combination of Database specialist, Data handling experts and Infrastructure to deal with large volume of data and a team of panelist people, to mobilize 24x7 and deliver the best possible application and Data Services with no lag time.