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We are software professionals

Helping our clients implement, design, develop, and sustain software tools and systems following

CMMI Level 3 Standards.

Services we provide


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Enterprise Level Software Applications with Cloud based Architecture and Delivering Competitive Solutions

Enterprise Software

Your Organization needs to be agile and rapidly embrace change, delivering new business concepts quickly, economically and ahead of the competition. Bohniman offers an Integrated and Consolidated CMMI DEV/3, ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 9001: 2015 Process and Project Management System.

Integrated Project Management

Risk Management 

Integrated Project Management

Inventory Management

Software Quality Assurance

Measurement & Analysis

Decision Analysis and Resolution

Configuration Management System

Strengthen your business results and respond quickly to market change with consolidated and integrated technology systems, using industry standard software

Custom Software Development

Responsive Web Application Development

Mobile App Development

Analysis and Design

Software Architecture


Legacy Data, Data Survey, Data Migration, Analytics, Data Architecture and End2end Data Handling

Legacy Data: To bring the legacy data into digital form lies the secret of many project success. Bohniman's Legacy data handling team does it relentlessly to achieve this objective.

Data Survey: Data survey work and digitizing data requires strategic approach . At Bohniman we take it up each case with unique strategy, be it large scaling manpower or a complete new approach.

Data Migration: Bringing data from different platforms to one single database within a stipulated time requires Strategy, Scalable Manpower, Planning and Coordination. Bohniman has specialized it and mastered this over a period of time.

Data Analytics: Data Analytics is a management consultancy which is committed to optimizing the exploitation of information in organizations. Our consultants improve organization's capacity to collect, store, extract, cleanse, transform, aggregate and analyze data, and most importantly, convert that analysis into value-creating action. Although operating globally we use modern telecommunications to minimize cost to clients.

Data Architecture: At Bohniman we think end2end while handling a project. It is a natural evaluation from Data Analyst and Database Designer which need to integrate data from different unrelated Data Sources. We plan and prepare the blue print for a successful project outcome and return on investment.

Data Handling


20 Million Legacy data Records have been transliterated from English to Assamese and Bengali and made available over web in Phonetic based Searchable form.

33 Million NRC applicant's name have been transliterated from English to Assamese and Bengali.

​We have a pool of linguists and proof-readers who are working with us on different language combinations. Thus, no matter what language you wish to transliterate your content into, we can offer you such services with high quality. All our linguists are professionals with a rich experience in their language pair and have a sound knowledge of the domains they work in.


Developer Support & Consulting Services

Developer Support: Our developers are under intense pressure to deliver first rate projects. Our Legendary Support is the first support facility designed specifically for active developers, saving time, resolving challenges faster and ensuring that your developers produce great code.

Consulting Services: We deliver state of the art expertise and apply this to your development project. Customers get  benefited from our extensive knowledge of Java EE and many other technologies ensuring your project moves quickly towards a working version We offer support throughout the development life cycle - from blue-sky thinking and architectural design, through to the detail of the actual code development, testing and deployment.

Training Services: Our training delivery fills the skills gap in the teams. Designed with customers, we use customer’s project's domain as the base for delivering the most applicable knowledge, aiding comprehension and allowing for a focus on key technical areas that are critical to the project's success.

Support Consulting
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